Road to Sunset Highway

From the moment I laid eyes on the most beautiful sweater ever, I had this extreme desire to make it!  That sweater was the Sunset Highway by Caitlin Hunter!  I haven’t had a ton of color work experience quite like this so far in my knitting journey.  So, this was definitely going to be a challenge for me.

Of course I had to obsess over what colors I was going to use and the statement I wanted to make.  This is super important, right? I know all of you guys can totally relate to this! This obsession lead to a yarn journey around the world.  Not literally but in my mind I went all around the world. Over the summer we went on our first ever RV vacation. This started my journey to the Road to Sunset Highway, Jackson, WY.  We stopped at Knit on Pearl which was practically yarn heaven in WY.  I found The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Cowboy Country!  Can I just tell you, it was AMAZING!!! From the moment I saw it I knew that it was going to be my main color.  Of course on that day I did not pick up my complementary colors. I wanted to marinate on the beauty of the Cowboy Country.  I wanted to get further inspiration. It took a couple months before Sunset Highway was in view.

As I began to approach my journey on the Sunset  Highway I knew it was time to start the hunt for my other colors.  Next stop lead me to The Wool Cabin in Salt Lake City, UT.  There is a beautiful green in the Cowboy Country that was calling me!  And guess what, I found the most stunning lime green at the The Wool Cain.

This color was definitely going to make a statement! A huge one!!! That was the look I was going for therefore my mission was accomplished.

Next Stop on the Road to Sunset Highway, Wasatch and Wool in Park City, UT.  Yes, I went to PC on the Road to Sunset Highway.  It really does take you there! The yarn shop owner is the sweetest!  Every time you enter her shop, she welcomes you with a beautiful engaging smile.

Here I hit the total JACKPOT!!!!  Yarn jackpot that is! I found The Farmers Daughter Fibers Dirty Little Dandelion in the Foxy Lady Base.  Don’t you just love the name Dirty Little Dandelion and the color is amazing too. When I set out, I never would have thought gold would have been in the running but it totally stole the show.  And then came the Ammolite by CoopKnits, a beautiful corally pink. At this point, I felt as though I had reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I knew she was going to be everything I envisioned her to be.  She was going to make a statement! A bold colorful statement. As soon as I got home, I lined them up and decided on the order.  Now the knit fun begins!!! Only thing was, I just needed to learn to carry the floats. Of course I headed over to YouTube, this is where we go to learn all the things…

In all it took me a little over 6 weeks and boy was I so happy with the finished product!

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  • La Vonne on

    Your Sunset Highway sweater is simply gorgeous! Fantastic colors. Perfect for you. Congratulations on a job well done!
    As far as the sweater repair (son’s) we’d need to see the hole to help you. There are utube videos that can show you how to do it, too. Best of luck.

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